4 radical ways to reduce your carbon footprint

You've heard all the old and boring ways to reduce your carbon footprint: reduce your waste, stop buying so much crap, recycle... But it's 2020 and it's apparent that this year is all about going hard or going home, so we need to take our environmentalism up a notch too and GO EXTREME!

Keep reading for 4 new and exciting ways you can instantly reduce your carbon footprint at home. WARNING: proceed with caution. These tips are not for the fainthearted.

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🌿 1. Stop showering

Did you know that you use about 8L of water every minute in the shower? If you stop showering all together, you’ll literally save THOUSANDS of litres a year!!

Alternatively, you could just cut your shower down by like a minute.

🌿 2. Stop using electricity

Yes indeed, if you stop using electricity you will not only save the environment but also hundreds of dollars a year on your bills!!

Again, if you want to take the boring route, you could just make sure you turn off any lights you don’t need on, turn your air con so it's not as too or heater so it's not as hot, or look at switching to a company that invests in renewable resources.

🌿 3. Throw away all your plants

Plants need water to survive. You know what doesn’t need water? Not having plants.

If you want to take DRASTIC measures though and keep those thirsty devils, you could just reuse the water after boiling/steaming vegetables once it’s cooled down or collect rain water from outside.

🌿 4. Stop pooping

I know what you’re thinking, "But Georgia, to stop pooping I’d need to stop eating?" And there’s where your right! This is a double goodie. No food = no poo.

Another option could just be to buy food products without plastic packaging (eg: in glass, cardboard, tins or naked!), learn how to compost your scraps, or to find a TP alternative that doesn’t cut down new trees or that’s wrapped in recycled paper instead of plastic.

🌿 Bonus: Never leave the house ever again

By not involving yourself in the outside world and taking no part in the act of being human, you can be certain you’re making absolutely no contribution to the worlds carbon footprint. Ahhh what a sigh of relief!

But you know, if you had to leave the house, maybe just think about car pooling or riding a bike or catching a bus. I dunno, the choice is yours.

Summary: To make a real difference in the world, you can only take BOLD and DRAMATIC action. In no way do small, consistent, sometimes even baby steps ever make any change whatsoever and if you can’t go hard, go home (and stay there, in the dark).

*** Disclaimer: All of this info is 100% fact and there is not a slither of sarcasm ***

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Hahahah omg Georgia I thought this was real and got to number 2 and was like hold up a minute 🤣

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