Low libido affirmations

I wish more people spoke about low libido in young womxn. 

I wrote a blog a few months ago called “redefining low libido” about how looking at the definition of what a libido meant to me really helped me understand that nothing was wrong with me and so as a result nothing needed “fixing” (hint: none of us need fixing).

I used to put so much pressure and blame on myself for not being rearing to go in the bedroom, for not having wild sex 24/7 and not being gushing wet after 10 seconds of foreplay (but foreplay is just one big lie anyway right?!).

Then one day I realised I spent the majority of my day living in my head at work, rushing from A to B, neglecting my health and not fully slowing down to be present in my body — so how could I possible expect to flick a switch and be good to go and sensually embodied the second I stepped into the bedroom?! How silly.

My favourite definition of libido comes from my beautiful friend and teacher Vanessa Muradian:
“Libido is our zest for life”.

And while it’s still a work in progress and I’m still focusing on bring more zest into my life, there’s days it feels heavy and upsetting.

So I thought I’d share a few words that might be helpful to you if you feel like you’re learning to better understand and love your body and libido too.


1: I am a sexual being


2: I can experience pleasure without wanting to have sex


3: My libido is not reflective of my worth

4: I understand the natural ebbs and flows of my cycle


5: I am learning to understand the language of my body


6: My body has needs that deserve to be heard and respected


7: It is safe for me to be present in my body


8: I am deserving of full, luscious pleasure


9: My genitals are healthy and normal

Take care dear ones. 

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