My honest opinion of menstrual cups

I could talk about periods forever because I’ve had a bloody (pun intended) enjoyable ride over the past few years trying to get mine back after coming off 10 years of the pill. I’ll make a video another day about how I eventually got mine back, but for now: cups.

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From skipping my period months at a time when I was younger because I didn’t want it to wreck my social life (horrendous when I think about that now) to literally begging to get it back — my relationship with my period is constantly changing.

We’re in a civil, maybe even loving, place now and part of that most definitely has to do with using a menstrual cup.

Over the last 4-5 years, after experimenting with several styles and brands of cups, I've learnt to understand and appreciate my body better than I ever have before.

My period cup helped me learn the difference between what a light and a heavy flow actually looked like.

It helped me see consistencies and inconsistencies throughout the month that I didn't know about when using period undies or a tampon that just absorbed everything.

Plus as someone who takes conscious steps to reduce my environmental footprint, only having to purchase one instead of hundreds of tampons, I was in love.

Part of me has a deep love and appreciations for my cup.

But you know what? Another part totally hates it. Because sometimes they aren’t the bees knees and for some people they just down right suck.

So here’s why I hate mine.


1. It can be super inconvenient.

Think about this: you need to pull out your bloody cup, pour it out somewhere, wash it, and put it back in without turning things into a B-grade horror film.

I realised this isn’t the best when you’re either A) camping, B) only have access to a public restroom where the basin and toilet are separate, or C) somewhere that only has white towels.

Ps I couldn't do this blog post without using this GIF hahaha.


2. Positioning it right can be awful.

I don’t know how many times I’ve leaked through my cup when it wasn't in right or when the little pull-out tab is just rubbing on me like no ones business.

On more occasions than I’d like to admit, I’ve shoved my hands down my pants in an attempt to reposition instead of going to the bathroom to take it out and try again.

For me, the shape and style could be totally hit and miss. Some seemed to fit like a glove while others felt like I was trying to use an actual dishwashing glove. Just awful.


3. Sometimes it stinks.

Pro: You can leave it in for up to 12 hours.

Con: Leaving it in for up to 12 hours.

Super convenient in some ways, yes. Super gross in others, absolutely.


So there you go. I’m becoming more weary posting things like “period cups are great” because that’s not always everyone’s experience. And even though I do genuinely LOVE my cup and wouldn’t go back, sometimes we just need some gory, gross honesty.

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