What's your story?

Before the idea of Motéa came to life, I was sharing personal stories and experiences on my Instagram feed.

These varied from things I was learning and discovering while working with a sex coach, to how I was managing my mental health during a low period and even small things I was doing during my “Year of Self Love”.

I spoke about things that scared me to speak about, like when I *ugly cried* for 3 mins talking about making friends I felt I could be 100% myself around for the first time at the ripe age of 27 as well as losing my shit with happiness when I got my period back after 18 months of MIA bleed.

I realised how good it felt to be able to share my experiences and the overwhelming feedback I received over the years from other people could be summed up as a collective “thank you for sharing, I’ve experienced that too” or “thank you for sharing, I’ve never thought about this before”.

So when I started to get the idea of Motéa, I knew I wanted that to be an important thread - to create a culture where our unique voice is heard without interruption. I have no interest in speaking on behalf of other people, my goal is for you to use your own words and I’ll do whatever I can to amplify that. Because you and your story deserve to be listened to and heard. And trust me, people want to hear.

I’ve finally created a healthy routine around my new full-time job and can dedicate more time and energy to this element of Motéa - but mainly I’m buzzing to get to know you! And I know other people are too.

Motéa's focus has always been around supporting mental and sexual health, sustainably. This is inclusive of all bodies, ages, abilities, genders, sexualities, backgrounds and cultures.

You might want to share your story about what you wish you knew before coming out, maybe you're doing amazing research into reproductive health for people with disabilities or hey maybe you've created a platform of real-life, ethical porn highlighting trans folx and PoC.

Whether you want to explore one particular experience, a specific topic, something you’re researching/working on or just your life, this platform is here for you.

We’ll initially organise a short Zoom chat where I’ll ask you some simple questions to see if it’s a good fit (it’s important to me that our values are in-line) then together we’ll decide the best format to share your story. I can also include any of your personal details for others to get in contact with you if you consent but on the flip side it can also be anonymous.

Know someone who is generally excluded from these conversations or their voice isn’t heard as loudly? Then please let me know as all people are valued members in these discussions.

If you’re interested in contributing, please send me a short email at moteapleasure@gmail.com with your name, what you’d like to chat about and availability to organise a Zoom catch up. Alternatively, if you’d like me to contact someone you know include their contact details and what you love about them/what they’re doing in this space.

If you’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this - now is your time bb!

I can’t wait to hear from you x

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