Anal Wands

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Our gorgeous handmade anal wands are created with body-safe borosilicate glass, meaning they're smooth to insert and remove, are extra hygienic and fracture resistant. Plus they come in three fab sizes!

The more petite size is for you if you’re gently starting to explore anal play for the first time all the way to a larger size if you love a fuller stretch and feeling. We suggest starting smaller and working your way up.

Since glass is nonporous, it’s one of the best materials for anal play as it’s less likely to hold bacteria and is easy to clean, meaning less hassle and mess and more time for the enjoyable stuff.

Why we love them:

  • Suitable for all genders and levels of experience
  • If you have a prostate, the wand can deeply stimulate this special gland or "P-spot" for intense orgasms; and if you have a vagina, it can stimulate the internal part of the clitoris and G-spot, which is why some people like to wear one during vaginal penetration
  • Smooth, tapered design and narrow neck for comfortable insertion and removal (FYI we suggest to not sit down with it in due to it's length and wear no longer than 2 hours)
  • Wide, round base to ensure it stays in place
  • Fully compatible with all lubricants - a must!!

Sustainability points 🍃

✓ 100% plastic-free
 Fully recyclable

✓ Plastic-free postage

Brief "how to" guide:

  • Start with slow foreplay to help relax your self and your muscles. This will make insertion more enjoyable and easier.
  • Apply your favourite lube around your anus as well as directly on the wand.
  • Press the tip of the wand against your anus and then very gradually increase pressure, slowly inserting it.
  • Stop straight away if you feel any pain or significant discomfort. It may feel strange at first, however you can take a deep breath and try again using more lube, a different angle or a smaller wand.
  • The round base means it will be less likely to get in the way during penetration.
  • Finally: There is no need to rush! Take your time and listen to your body.


  • Small Insertable Length: 4″ / 10cm
  • Medium Insertable Length: 4.75″ / 12cm
  • Large Insertable Length: 5.25″ / 13.3cm
  • Small Max Diameter: 1.3″ / 3.3cm
  • Medium Max Diameter: 1.4″ / 3.6cm
  • Large Max Diameter: 1.6″ / 4cm

Additional information:

  • Please note: Your comfort is our Number 1 priority. If this is your first ever anal experience, we suggest you gently start with using yours or your partners fingers first. Although our smallest size is quite narrow, having something soft, like fingers, that molds with your body might be a gentler place to start if you have any reservations or concerns.
  • Easy to wash with warm water and your cleaner of choice, being sure to wash thoroughly before and after use

What you've said:

"I got it and omg I'm in love!!!!! I've used one before and it's always been uncomfortable but this one is gorgo. I'm like ready to progress to the next size already haha and the one I had before was smaller and I never felt that way." - Laura Miano, Sex Therapist

Keen for a bundle?
Check out our Anal Play Bundle which includes:

  • 1 x your choice of small, medium or large of our gorgeous glass anal wands
  • 1 x Organic Anal Lubricant