Slim Rose Quartz Wand

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Properties of Rose Quartz

  • Universal, abundant love
  • Promoting self-love and emotional harmony
  • Magnifying self compassion
  • Opening to love opportunities and partnership
  • Connection to Heart Chakra

Why we love it

  • Perfect for beginners to a crystal self pleasure practice
  • A unique and sensual way to slow down and connect
  • An accessible tool for external self care or internal self pleasure
  • Each wand has been hand-carved from raw crystal
  • Completely free of dyes, chemicals, artificial additives, BPA's, phthalates, silicon or metal
  • 100% plastic free!

How to use it

  • Your crystal wand can be used in many ways, not just internally
  • As Rose Quartz is strongly connected to self-care, compassion and the heart, you might want to start off by placing your wand on your chest or sternum and take a moment to check in. How are you feeling?
  • This could be as far as you go, otherwise you might chose to explore a nurturing self-pleasure practice or as a gentle tool to connect with a partner or loved one
  • Ensure to wash your wand before and after each use with warm water and your choice of cleanser. You can also cleanse and clear your wand as you would a regular crystal, such as smudging, recharging under the sun/moon or a cleanse in the ocean

What's included

  • 1x Slim Rose Quartz wand
  • 1x black velvet pouch for safe storage
  • 100% plastic free packaging and (discrete) postage

Additional information

  • Size: Slim: 17cm x 2.5cm x 1cm
  • Location: Product from Brazil
  • Supplier: Our supplier ethically sources stone materials in a responsible and sustainable manner that is conscious of the people and environment throughout the process

If you’re not certain whether a wand is right for you, chat with your healthcare practitioner or contact us here. This information is not to substitute medical advice.