Pleasure to meet you!

Here she (me) is, lapping up some Autumn beach sun


The short

Georgia is a full-time Occupational Therapist with a background in creating safe and inclusive environments for all people to explore relationships, intimacy and pleasure. She works on Motéa on her lunch break, from the kitchen table and in a room with one (who are we kidding, 50) too many plants.


The long

I was born on a farm in Wagga Wagga, NSW, where apparently mum spent more time trying to get me to wear pants than she did eating a hot dinner. Our family were one of a handful of farms working sustainably with the land. Living through drought was challenging though and we eventually moved closer to family in Melbourne in 2002, where I unfortunately had to wear pants much more regularly.

Several years later, I studied a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and completed my Yoga Teacher training. I also sought out further training in sexual health and intimacy in disability and older adults, pain management and counselling as well as personally worked with a sex coach for over 3 years.

Then one day I had the idea of Motéa. I was learning ways to take care of my mental and sexual health for what felt like the first time in my last 20's and wanted other people to be able to know about them too. Plus as someone who was/is living low-waste, I couldn't find a dang dildo anywhere that didn't come in plastic packaging *tragic*.

And here we are. I hope you stay a little while and drop me a message to say hello and introduce yourself. I'd really like that :)

Big love, G x



Kind and lovely things you've been saying:

"Trying to keep a long story short...I’m in my early 40s, recently separated, single parent and am finding my own path in the world again. I have always been keen to try a dildo but felt a bit overwhelmed and uncomfortable about where to start.  Anyway, I came across you because I follow the #paytherent hashtag. I am an environmentally/socially conscious consumer and as soon as I saw your page it was like an ‘Ah ha!’ moment. I know I’d found what I’d been looking for. So thank you. When I get brave enough to be more open about my purchase I’ll be recommending to friends!" - Kate