The Pleasure Journal

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Meet your new bedside table book: A colourful, illustrated diary about self pleasure, sexual wellness and orgasmic potential. With education, exercises, anatomy lessons, up-to-date research, how-to's and journal cues, the Pleasure Journal by the incredible Sydney-based Sex Coach Georgia Grace has a positive and inclusive approach to sexual exploration. This book celebrates pleasure as a vital part of feeling human.

About the Pleasure Journal

Created to change the way we understand sex and self-pleasure, this book will coach you through your own process and allows you to explore pleasure at your own pace. This book can support you in learning how pleasure feels in your body and aims to open the conversation about a topic that is still surrounded by stigma, taboo and shame.

The Pleasure Journal is part education, part self-inquiry. Each chapter looks at a different form of self-pleasure, provides guided practices, and has space to reflect, write, draw, colour or express in any way that is most pleasurable for you. 

The book includes diagrams and graphics of vulvas, vaginas and breasts, so whilst it is useful for people with these body parts, it can also be useful for people who are interested in learning about these body parts. 

People of all genders, orientations, ages and levels of experience can read and use this book. The Pleasure Journal can be gifted to yourself, friends, lovers, peers, parents, children, family, anyone who will benefit from the opportunity to learn about their body. 

Inside the Journal

  • Colourful illustrations and diagrams of the vulva, clitoris and vagina 
  • Pleasure meditation practices
  • Breast and chest massage practices
  • Lip meditation and sensual eating practices
  • Orgasmic Yoga how-to
  • Space to draw, write and reflect
  • Detailed description on external and internal erogenous zones
  • Myths around pleasure, sex and orgasm, debunked
  • Mirror Work practices
  • 7 days of self pleasure
  • An exploration into Eroticism and your Core Erotic Themes
  • Index of different types of orgasms
  • Glossary of terms used throughout the book

Additional information

  • Size: A5
  • Paper: Sourced from renewable forests
  • Author: Georgia Grace
  • Illustrator: Georgia Vincent
  • Printer: Yes Press
  • Self-published in 2019